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Over the past few years, there has been a tremendous increase in smartphone app usage. So great is smartphone app usage that the estimated mobile app revenue worldwide is expected to reach a whopping $77 billion this year. Mobile apps give businesses the opportunity to engage with their target audience in a way that was not possible before. Here at Markethatch, we understand that companies need to be mobile to reach out to their customers. With our out-of-the box thinking and technical prowess, we’ll help you get your business in the palm of your client’s hands. We take pride in creating amazing top-tier applications that give your business a huge advantage. Moreover, we have a variety of plans on offer that are more affordable than you think.

How You Can Take Advantage of our Cutting-Edge Apps

  • There’s no doubt that customers are increasingly spending time on mobile apps. By turning your ideas into successful concepts, we’ll give you the chance to stay visible and constantly connected with your users and customers through mobile platforms.
  • Our innovative, smart and user-friendly apps deliver a rewarding user experience that will keep customers hooked. Rest assured; they’ll love the kind of experience our apps deliver.
  • Apps serve as a credible and cost-effective promotional platform. We understand how this can add value to businesses and work hard to develop applications that let you communicate with your customers securely, instantly, and directly.
  • Thinking about reaching out to clients offshore? We’ll show you how. We will customise your mobile app, design it in such a way that it represents your brand and businesses, and give you the power to reach out to a wider audience.
  • There’s no denying the huge potential mobile apps have in today’s digital world. We recognise this potential and give you the opportunity to use mobile apps as your primary or secondary business channel.

What We Do?

At Markethatch, we have our finger on the pulse of the rapidly evolving technology industry. Our core focus is on helping customers boost their business and channels of interaction. We work alongside disruptive startups and serve as their technology partners. Our team members have been at the frontier of iOS and Android app development for years and have the talent to build intuitive, visually appealing, and technically sound apps that can improve business processes and keep customers satisfied.

We can pair your unique visual design with the right user experience and create a prototype that will let you showcase your idea to both investors and users. With Markethatch, you’ll receive nothing other than first-class support from start to launch and after. Think of us as technical co-founders or partners without equity. We want to expose your business to untapped opportunities and leverage the power of mobile applications to give you better customer engagement.

Starting Up the Right Way

At Markethatch we understand that projects have unique requirements. While simple apps are cost-efficient, complex ones require a bigger investment. We have designed a comprehensive ‘Startup Right’ program to help you raise capital to cover the cost of the development. Whether it’s idea exploration, concept creation, prototyping or capital raising, you’ll have our support all the way.

Don’t let your ideas get swept under the rug. Talk to us about keeping your business in sync with cutting-edge app design and development.

Our App Design Process


We talk to you about your idea and establish your needs, wants and goals to ensure we understand your project requirements.


This is where we help more entrepreneurs than most agencies! We understand that most of our clients need funding for their idea. We can develop a prototype of your app for a fraction of the development cost to pitch to lenders and investors which ensures we get it across the line!


Once we have a clear plan and direction, our Markethatch development team will go to work and create a masterpiece!


Launch day for an app is a very exciting moment that no creator forgets, our team will ride the journey with you and provide the support you need.

Here Is What We Offer

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    Native App Development

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    Cross Platform App Development

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    Enterprise Mobility Solutions

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    Mobile App Strategy

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    Mobile App Monetization

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    Best User Experience

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