Facebook Marketing: Why It’s For Your Brand

Did you know that Facebook has over two billion active monthly users? Within that two billion are your customers and future customers. Facebook marketing offers businesses a unique platform to connect with their audience. The connection can be the beginning of a conversation that eventually leads to real revenue. No other advertising, including other social platforms and digital marketing, gives you the opportunity to target specific demographics.

Facebook isn’t just a place to post pictures of your dog or keep up with long-distance friends. Facebook is a huge opportunity for any business. No matter what your business is, including if it’s B2B or B2C, Facebook ads can generate quality leads. It’s a quick, low-cost way to boost brand awareness and conversions.


Targeting Options

Facebook marketing offers brands an amazing opportunity to develop and deliver custom and budget-friendly campaigns targeted to a preferred audience. The more specific your demographic, the more likely those who see it will respond to it. It’s not based on keywords like search marketing. Instead, it focuses on demographics and interests. You can target based on interests, for example, targeting a person who is interested in hiking. This one piece of information could be a signal for brands who sell related products or experiences.

Another great target benefit is location. This is especially helpful if you are a local business. With this feature, you can make sure the right people are seeing your ads.

Small Investments Can Yield Results

You can actually start advertising on Facebook for a$1 a day! You’ll probably need a little more than a $1, but you won’t have to spend thousands at a time to see results. In fact, you can run a 24-hour ad with a maximum budget of $20. This small investment can deliver leads, but it can also provide data. By looking at data across time, you can be more strategic in the future.


Increase Customer Loyalty and Brand Awareness

Having an active Facebook company page is also critical to Facebook advertising success. You can actually target your current followers. Only about 19 percent of all Facebook ads are post engagement. Why should you consider post engagement ads? Because they yield great results with a 142 percent CTR. These ads are also less expensive and have less competition. Your current audience shouldn’t be neglected. Continue to foster the relationship, turning followers into loyal customers.

Why You Need an Expert

Facebook advertising isn’t hard. Anyone can upload a picture, and create an ad. But that’s not the way to success. You need a firm strategy and the expertise of those who have spent years working with the platform and have an understanding of the sophisticated algorithms. Experts can also help with targeting, showing you the best ways to get a detailed audience that is neither too broad or too narrow. At Markethatch, we have deep knowledge of what works on Facebook and what doesn’t. Connect with us today to learn about our specialty Facebook advertising packages. Find customers today who need exactly what you have!

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